Hello Fabulous!


NOVEMBER 8, 2020- Shannon Liz

Hello Fabulous!
What did you always want in life to do but you never did? What was holding you back from it? What was the reason why you put it off? It could be something as simple as you wanted to try a different diet, you wanted to build your own business, or you wanted to make millions and millions of dollars (which by the way I feel like everybody deep down inside would like that lol) No matter how large or small it was, it hasn't been done and it's just another unchecked box on your bucket list.
What reasons held you from not making it happen? What stopped you from putting the plan in motion? Was it fear or other responsibilities? Was it lack of time or lack of motivation? Did you feel like it was just a pipe dream that wasn't even worth the time? How did the outcome of the idea make you feel? How does it feel that you haven't taken steps towards the thing you wanted to do?
I personally feel we as humans act on emotion. Fear, desire, pleasure, safety, and sense of purpose are some emotions that trigger us to act or not to act on decisions we make in everyday life. Whether we want to admit it or not a lot of times fear drives us into situations that puts us in that everyday hamster wheel. We feel trapped and it seems like there's no way out of our routine because it's safe. We long for something different, to show us it's ok.
The time is now to make what ever your goals and dreams are to make it happen! Today, I challenge you to do one thing that you have always feared to do and go for it. This whole pandemic that comes once every 100 years has just taught me a lot of different lessons. It kind of made you sit, reflect, and face yourself. Things got quiet when I was on lock down inside my home. My husband and I weren't able to do anything big that would distract us from dealing with ourselves. I feel we've all been there through that moment. Did any regrets ever cross your mind? Was it amplified with a sense of tomorrow's not promised? I challenge you to do that one thing or many things that fear has kept you from doing it. You can do it! There's a reason God has this idea still in your head after all of this time! He wants you to make it happen. It's not a mistake, if it was, it wouldn't be in your head anymore.
I felt the same way when I started this blog and website. I was scared, the voices in my head telling me the opposite of what I know to be true. The truth I know is God loves me. I know Jesus has my back. I know I can do anything I put my mind too because He protects me in my highs and lows. My fears have fallen away and now I am empowered. I'm here to empower you with what I know and my experiences. You are not alone in any way. It's my wish that you take this day and each day after to step in the directions of the abundant life God has prepared you for. Now let's get to it- MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Written with Love for You,
-Shannon Liz




IDLOVE was created to identify who you are and love it. You are so unconditionally loved by God. You are a masterpiece, you were created in His image.  Know that and feel loved and love yourself.  You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Now let's live our best lives together!